6 Efficient Suggestions to Help You Use Slow Cooker

Stewpot or slow cooker, also known as the Crock-Pot (a trademark common use in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) is an electric cooking equipment is used to maintain the relative temperature low (compared to other cooking methods such as baking, boiling and frying). This kitchen appliance makes cooking safer and simpler. Equipment commonly used to cook stews, soups, and other suitable dishes.

The slow cooker is very convenient for busy homemakers. However, how to use the slow cooker? The following article will give you 6 suggestions valid to use the slow cooker.

What Is the Best Slow Cooker?

Slow Cooker is a standard kitchen appliance, usually sold in many shops in both Eastern and Western countries with many shapes, sizes, brands, and prices.

The slow cooker is very popular in North America. The operating principle is similar near the thermal cooker. The equipment takes longer to cooked the food, most of the recipes for the slow cooker are being applied to the thermal cooker. You can find a lot of recipes to cook with slow cooker.

Despite this kitchen, the gadget has many different shapes, but the best slow cooker pot should have two layers. The inside pot is the container pot food, usually made of ceramic, not suitable for direct cooking on the stove. The outer part is the crust with a resistive system, and it will provide heat for the inside pot. You will be able to adjust the temperature and cooking time via the function button.

The Main Effects of Slow Cooker

Typically, the slow cooker has 2- 3 functionality that is soup, porridge, boiled. Therefore, you can take the initiative time to preparing food.

The food will be cooked fast, or slow is because you adjust. You will change the operating mode of the pot as you want. If you cook fast food to high heat mode, and if you want to cook in the long run, you can use slow cooking mode. You do not worry about the problem of time, and the device will operate efficiently and without loss of food nutrients.

Currently, the housewives have used traditional a slow cooker in the make porridge for babies. If you have to go to work and do not have much time to rest, you can use Slow Cooker pot to cook food during your absence. You just have to be prepared food into the pot and cook slowly.

Besides the effect of make porridge, you can use a slow cooker to stew bone, cook rice, boiled potatoes and sticky.

6 Efficient Suggestions in Using Slow Cooker

  • The temperature suitable for cooking in a slow cooker: Low temperatures – from 75 to 135 degrees Celsius is suitable for cooking by a slow cooker. Because the device will make the food cooked in a long time. Low heat will help you save money on electricity and aid quick tender meat. Standard temperature, long cooking time and steam escape when the pot is closed, all these things will kill all bacteria and assist the cooking process becomes safer.
  • You should cooking by the clean slow cooker: You should clean pot before cooking, clean cooking area and wash your hands before and during food preparation. You should preserve food in the refrigerator before you start cooking, separate the two types of frozen meat and vegetables in the fridge. The slow cooker should take several hours to be able to reach safety really, and temperature sufficient to kill microbes.
  • Dissolve and split the material: Always defrosting meat before putting them in the slow cooker. You should choose cooked dishes such as soup, fish sauce, and spaghetti. You should not be chopped food to ensure food is cooked. Do not use the slow cooker pot with large pieces of meat or whole chicken because the food is cooked slowly so that the bacteria survived for an extended period.

  • Using enough food: You should use a space less than half the pot, and not more than 2/3 of a pot. Vegetables will be first because vegetables will be ripe slower than meat and poultry. So you let for the first vegetables in, to stay under and around a pot. Then add meat and cover the food with water as broth, barbecue sauce. Then close the lid
  • Understanding the function button of slow cooker: Most of the cooking pot has 2 to 3 function buttons. Food is cooked faster or slower depending on your set button. Of course, the food will be cooked quickly at high temperatures than low temperatures. However, if you want to cook all day, you should use the lower temperature. If possible, set the maximum temperature button within the first 1 hour, then switch back to low levels or at the level recorded in the recipe. Will be safer if the remaining part of the time you cook at a lower temperature – if you have to go to work, and food preparation time is not much. But when food is being cooked or cooked, food safety will be preserved in the pot.
  • In case you lose power while in use slow cooker: The slow cooker will create convenience for those who need to prepare meals, but they were out. If for some reasons, electricity goes out and you’re not at home, there is no other way in case the food is overcooked, and it was left whole foods. If the electricity goes out while you are at home, that’s the safest thing let cooked whole material using gas cooker or ovens.