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    DIRECTOR: Mort Ransen
    PRODUCER: Bayo Productions.
    CAST: Ed McNamara and Patricia Phillips
    FEATURING: Loreena McKennitt
    SYNOPSIS: In a tiny outport in Newfoundland’s Bonavista Bay, ten-year-old Bayo awaits the return of his grandfather, Philip Logan, a legendary fishing captain, who is coming home to stay after 60 years at sea.
Bayo’s mother, Sharon, wants to move to Toronto and leave this tiny village — “even the fish is gone.” But once ashore, Philip feels driven to go back to sea — on his own terms. And Bayo wants to remain in Tickle Cove with his grandfather and mother.
    Finally, all three come to terms with themselves, with each other, and with their destiny.
    From the director of MARGARET’S MUSEUM and the producer of LIES MY FATHER TOLD ME.
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1985 | 98 minutes | colour | 35 mm | feature film | English original version | French dubbed version. |


“... a touching glimpse of one of Canada’s most colorful regions.”
-Jane O’Hara, MACLEAN'S
“An intimate, moving, and well made little gem.“
-Colin McLean, CBC TV
“A sensitive and touching account ... marvelously textured performances.“
-Bill Brownstein, VARIETY
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