DIRECTOR: Tanya Tree
    PRODUCER: Tanya Tree, Josephine MacKay
    In Post-Production
SYNOPSIS: This one-hour documentary, set in the exotic and unspoiled Himalayan country of Bhutan, is a fascinating account of the filmmaker's journey through this unique and remarkable Buddhist kingdom. En route, she encounters Bhutanese from every walk of life and explores the diverse culture and ecosystems of this unique country, until recently, untouched by modern development. Accompanied by her daughter Josephine and their knowledgeable and irrepressible guide, Karma, Tanya explores the theory and application of the Bhutanese philosophy of "Gross National Happiness" or GNH. The principle of "Gross National Happiness," initiated by the former king of Bhutan, is a measure for development to replace "Gross National Product" and which aims to ensure that prosperity is shared across society and is balanced against preserving cultural traditions, protecting the environment, and maintaining a responsive government.
Intimate, poetic, and illuminated by the director's penetrating personal commentary, DEVELOPING HAPPINESS_ _portrays both her own quest for happiness in this mystical land, as well as the tiny nation's struggle to maintain its precious cultural and environmental heritage in the face of the extraordinary challenges of modernization.
  2007 | 90 minutes | colour | English original version.          
100% Canadian Independent Cinema
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