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  DIRECTOR: Lois Siegel
  PRODUCER: Lois Siegel Productions Inc.
  CAST: Paul Hébert
SYNOPSIS: FIPSI is a documentary about a spunky 80-year-old lady. German born, Irma Roggenkamper Garbs immigrated to Canada in 1952 with her husband Albert. The film is a memoir of her past, factual and emotional, and the adventures she and Albert experienced in Canada. The Garbs later opened Hanover House Cafe in Morin Heights, Québec, a well-known coffee house. Irma’s sister Charlotte played piano for Mme. Chiriaeff and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. Irma paints, plays the violin and defies defeat. Her account of a diversified life is an inspiring one.
  1990 | 23 minutes | colour | 16 mm | English original version | French dubbed version. |  




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