DIRECTOR: Hunt Hoe
    PRODUCER: Hunt Hoe
    CAST: Bonnie Mak, Evyenia and Camille Martinez
SYNOPSIS: FOREIGN GHOSTS is a trilogy of interrelated stories about three young immigrant women in Montreal. Part 1 tells the story of May Li, a Chinese woman whose mother comes to live with her. Madame Li believes that “foreigners”, non-Chinese, are not real people but “foreign ghosts”. After being rescued in a snowstorm by a black man, she is forced to re-examine her traditional belief ... Part 2 recounts the friendship between Anna, a Greek accountant, and Pepe, a womanizer who claims to be Spanish. The truth however, is somewhat different ... Part 3 is the story of three coffeeshop intellectuals turned rivals after being sexually challenged by Tanya, a waitress from the Dominican Republic. As the story unfolds, we discover that Tanya is a woman with a hidden agenda and a troubled past that is as cold and threatening as the Canadian winter. The friends bury their ethnic and political differences to help her and perhaps themselves.FOREIGN GHOSTS exposes the pride, fear, desire and the absolute cultural confusion of new and old immigrants. |Photos, Downloads, Extras >
  1997 | 133 minutes | colour | 35 mm | feature film | English orginal version | French dubbed version.  
“Hunt Hoe captures that Montreal je ne sais quoi ... impressive performances.”
-Matthew Hays, MIRROR
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