DIRECTOR: Paula Tiberius
    PRODUCER: Lisa Hayes
    CAST: Sasha Ormond
SYNOPSIS: Wannabe rock star Goldi (Sasha Ormond) lands in a house of three musicians, one too hot, one too cold, and a third who seems just right. They let her sing with their band and she romances them one at a time, thinking she’s found her new home. But when she unleashes her own songs on the guys, they cut her out of their scene, forcing her to discover that real success means becoming your own rock and roll hero. It’s not who you f**k, it’s how you rock and roll! For the rock and roller in all of us, Goldirocks is wall to wall music. The film features 47 tracks by 42 all Canadian bands who are already rocking the indie scene. This is Paula Tiberius’ feature film debut. | Photos, Downloads, Extras >
  2003 | 93 minutes | colour | 35 mm feature film | English original version.  
100% Canadian Independent Cinema
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