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  TITLE: “H”
  DIRECTOR: Darrell Wasyk
  PRODUCER: Arto-Pelli Productions
  CAST: Martin Neufeld and Pascale Monpetit
SYNOPSIS: Two heroin addicts, Michele and Snake, struggle to withdraw from the drug — cold turkey. Nailed into their apartment, Michele and Snake become hostages of each other. As the number of cold turkey days increases, their resolve ebbs and flows as they dig deeper and deeper into themselves. Reality sharpens, intensifies, re-awakens. Sensations flare until Snake, almost withdrawn from the drug, discovers a forgotten stash hidden in the apartment. It will be their last trip together in the world of hallucinations, fantasies and imagination...
  1990 | 90 minutes | colour | 35 mm | feature film | English original version | French dubbed version. |  

“‘H’ is a piece of well-crafted cinema.”
-Justin Pierce, THE CAPE TIMES
100% Canadian Independent Cinema
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