DIRECTOR: Mireille Dansereau
    PRODUCER: Ciné-Plurielles Inc.
    CAST: Louise Marleau, Françoise Faucher, Michel Mondié, Samuel Cholokian
    SYNOPSIS: Of all human relationships, the mother-daughter one can be the most difficult to resolve. Yet, on the surface, Celine and her mother seem so close.
    Neither her marriage to Michel, nor the birth of Samuel, have succeeded in giving Celine a sense of security. She is haunted by the fear of being struck with breast cancer as her mother was. She is also tormented by the feeling that she has lost her mother’s love. For it is with her mother that Celine has the most intense relationship, full of love, jealousy, and complex unspoken emotions.
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1979 | 92 minutes | colour | 16 mm | feature film | French original version | English dubbed version. |



“Louise Marleau shared the best actress award for her portrayal of a woman caught in a painful relationship with her mother.”
-Dave Chenoweth, THE GAZETTE

“Un très beau film de Mireille Dansereau.”
-Denise Pelletier, PROGRÈS-DIMANCHE
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