DIRECTOR: Jean-François Monette
  PRODUCER: Bare Bone Films Inc.
SYNOPSIS: In this coming of age tale, Rory is a typical high school student — he runs track, smokes up and has a lousy after-school job. His career so far consists of delivering chicken to suburbanites. Excitement at work is limited to exchanges between his teasing co-worker and hungry, grunting suburbanites.
On a delivery like any other, Rory meets Pete, a middle-aged man in the midst of a breakdown. Fascinated by Pete’s material trappings of success and intrigued by the source of his breakdown, Rory is drawn into a friendship with him. Their platonic friendship proves to be a catalyst: Rory’s sexuality forces him to reconsider his small world as his curiosity propels him to take a risk.
TAKE-OUT explores the challenging, heady and painful process of a teen’s understanding of the very core of his being — his own sexuality.
  2000 | 38 minutes | colour |35 mm| feature film | English original version | Based on an award-winning short story by Derek Brown |  

“A refreshing look at sexual longing and self-discovery.”

“A slick, assured and technically accomplished piece of work.”
-Dimitri Katadotis, HOUR MAGAZINE

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