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    DIRECTOR: John Greyson
    PRODUCER: Grey Zone Ltd.
    CAST: Michael Achtman, Damon D’Oliveira, Matthew Ferguson
SYNOPSIS: What do Pierre Trudeau, circumcision and copyright law have in common? A cast of three eccentric Peters explore this question in John Greyson’s genre-bending feature UN©UT. Interspersed with the plight of our three heroes are discussions of the intricacies of copyright law as it relates to art, which often criminalizes rather than protects artists. Musician John Oswald, writer and actor Linda Griffiths and visual artist A.A. Bronson are interviewed. Playfully bringing gay subtext to the foreground, Greyson has used the gay man’s body as a forum wherein to debate issues of sexual identity and politics. His provocative revisionist history leads audiences to reexamine what may lurk behind the scenes for many a public figure. UN©UT provides further context for our own interpretations of the world of art and artifice.| Photos, Downloads, Extras >
  1997 | 92 minutes | colour | 16 mm | feature film docu-drama | English original version | French dubbed version. |
“Giddily imaginative ... delights in its playful, multi-planed wit.“
“A prickly, ironic mixture of documentary, parody and drama.“
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