DIRECTOR: Rodrigue Jean
    PRODUCERS: Transmar Films, Les Films de L’Isle and Buffalo Gal Productions
    CAST: Sébastien Huberdeau, Hélène Florent and Patsy Gallant
SYNOPSIS: Burnt out and restless, Max (Sébastien Huberdeau) and Linda (Hélène Florent) flee Acadia and head toward the Great Canadian Northwest. On the road to Yellowknife, they encounter twin strippers (Brad and Todd Mann), a faded nightclub singer (Patsy Gallant), and her manager (Philippe Clément). Thrown together by circumstance, these rootless souls form a tapestry of relationships that pushes them to the edge. | Photos, Downloads, Extras >

A “road film” that explores Canadian highways as well as the back alleys of the mind, YELLOWKNIFE expands on themes established in FULL BLAST, Rodrigue Jean’s previous feature film. Alienation, marginality, and raw sexuality permeate this moody and highly personal work.

  2002 | 116 minutes | colour | 35 mm | feature film | English and French version | Spanish subtitled version.  
“Seethes with Lynchian creepiness.
YELLOWKNIFE could be the best-looking Canadian film ever made.”
-Mark Peranson, THE GLOBE AND MAIL
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