Corporate Profile

Domino Film and Television International Ltd., headed by Jeanne Ritter, brings over 30 years of Canadian distribution and foreign sales experience to marketing Canadian productions across the country and around the world.

Domino Film and Television International Ltd. has a dynamic catalogue of Canadian features including Rodrigue Jean’s LOST SONG, winner of the Best Canadian Feature Film the Toronto International Film Festival 2008; Aubrey Nealon’s A SIMPLE CURVE, named by TIFFG one of Canada’s Top Ten 2006; Guy Maddin’s DRACULA: PAGES FROM A VIRGIN’S DIARY, winner of an International Emmy Award, two Gemini awards, three Blizzards, Best Film at the Sitges International Film Festival, and the Grand Prix Golden Prague, in addition to being named one of Canada’s Top Ten 2002; Jeff Erbach’s THE NATURE OF NICHOLAS; Rodrigue Jean’s YELLOWKNIFE, named the Best Québec Feature Film of 2002, and FULL BLAST, winner of the 2001 Jutra Award for Best Supporting Actress, a Special Jury Citation in the Best First Feature Category at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Atlantic Canadian Best Director Award at the Atlantic Film Festival; Davor Marjanovic’s MY FATHER’S ANGEL, winner of the 2001 Genie Award for Best Actor and winner of eight Leo Awards including, Best Picture, Director, Screenwriter, Cinematography, Score and Female Performance; John Greyson’s UN©UT; Darrell Wasyk’s Genie Award-winning MUSTARD BATH; Mort Ransen’s BAYO; Jules Dassin’s CIRCLE OF TWO starring Richard Burton; and the Golden Globe award-winning LIES MY FATHER TOLD ME.
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