Short drama, 48 minutes,
Digital Betacam, Available
in the original English version


A film by the 0² Film Crew
(Joshua Dorsey and Tara McVIcar).

What goes down in a day? A lot, it 
seems, when you're a teenager com-
ing of age in inner-city Montreal. As
seven friends prepare for their last
high school dance, they are swept
up by a frenzied series of events that
pits their hopes for the future against addiction, family dysfunction and violence. With remarkable strength and humour,
the no-nonsense characters confront the
realities of their late-adolescence and
come out renewed. If the fast-paced story
seems achingly real, it is because it was
written by the young members of the film- making collective themselves drawing upon
experiences that are close to home.The
result is a thrilling feature with the "from- the-hip" grit of a documentary- a rare
achievement for a teen drama.

ONE DAY was collaboratively written, produced, directed and performed by the core members of the 0² Film Crew. The 0² Film Crew consists of "inner-city" teenagers who participated in a year-long film course sponsored by 0² Art Inc.'s "Oxygen for Creativity" program. This film course was led by volunteer artists Joshua Dorsey and Tara McVicar and was designed to provoke these young filmmakers to take responsibility for their own experiences and ideas by giving them expression in images, sound and action.

French Version