2010, Drama, Comedy, English, 94 mins


Penelope Buitenhuis


Paul Scherzer, Penelope Buitenhuis


Nicholas Campbell, Tara Nicodemo, Martha Burns, Krista Sutton, Graham Abbey, Sarain Boylan, Kristopher Turner, Raoul Bhaneja


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In this intense drama, six former members of a well-known theatre company assemble for the wake of their infamous director. Gabor Zazlov (Nicholas Campbell) has died suddenly. His grieving French widow, Hanna (Tara Nicodemo), welcomes the thespians to her country house but soon loses control of the proceedings when old rivalries and jealousies erupt.

Not quite forgotten in the chaos is Gabor’s deathbed request to mount a final reading of Hamlet. When Hanna can’t continue to lead the charge, Chad (Gabor’s son) takes on the role of director, mining shocking truths from the actors. As secrets are revealed, the players must come clean: To thine own self be true. With morning hangovers, they all prepare to leave, altered by this tumultuous night. But there remains one last shocking truth to take centre stage.

Reviews & Awards

Best in Show
Female Eye Festival, Toronto, 2010

Best Feature Film
Carmel Art and Film Festival, 2010

Penelope Buitenhuis, nominated for Best Feature Director
Directors Guild of Canada, 2010

James Bredin, nominated for Best Feature Editor
Directors Guild of Canada, 2010